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Nature Tokens


Welcome to Rocky Road Reiki. 

Are you interested in gaining more awareness, peace, relaxation, and clarity in your life? Reiki energy can enhance your life so much, yet it is non invasive and gentle. 

Reiki is a type of energy healing that uses guided life force energy. It is a spiritual Japanese system of healing that is now practiced throughout the world. Every session works by bringing balance to your chakras and enabling deep relaxation.


        The benefits of Reiki include: 

Prevents burnout

Assists in the management of stress and anxiety

 Enables deep relaxation

Speeds recovery after illness or injury

Helps restore balance to life

Eases difficult life transitions

Creates awareness and self- love

Buddha Statue

About Me.

My name is Victoria Braswell and I started practicing Reiki in 2013. I studied Usui and Karuna Reiki and loved the idea of being able to maintain wellbeing with energy work. I went on to study Foot Reflexology, mindfulness, and Metaphysical Sciences.  I have also been blessed to teach Reiki since 2017 with my beloved partner and mentor Loki. With over 20 years experience Loki is an asset to the Reiki world. We combine as a multigenerational team that tailors each class to specific student needs.

I aspire to bring balance and compassionate awareness to each and every one of my Reiki receivers. I work one on one with you to enhance the capability you have to take charge of your life and be the best version of you!  Helping members of my community restore balance to their lives and bringing people joy is a passion of mine. My job as your practitioner is to hold space for you and your energy, allowing what is. Reiki energy is guided to restore your whole being: mind, body and spirit . I customize each session to your individual needs. We work together to help encourage healing and growth so you can be your authentic self with confidence.

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